Manufacturers Have A Solution For Male Infertility

The entire world is facing infertility issue. Men and women both are seeking for medical treatments to fix the infertility. In some cases, the issue is beyond the treatment. There are many things that affect fertility in human. Our lifestyle, diet, exercise routine and other daily habits are responsible for fertility. But cotton boxers manufacturers have something else to share. Before that, understand the male fertility.

Male fertility is good when the sperm count is good. Infertility in male can be happened due to number of factors affecting the shape, quantity, and motility of the sperm. Apart from sperm count, a male can be called fertile when his sperm move well and have zero abnormalities.

When a man has low sperm count, his condition is named as Oligospermia. Man with Oligospermia condition can enhance sperm count with simple lifestyle strategies to become fertile. Here are few things to consider-

Healthy Eating Habits

When you eat more fatty and processed foods, you do more harm to your sperm. Human body requires healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to stay fit. Men can enhance sperm quality, motility, and count by making changes to their diet and including more fresh fruits and vegetables to it.

Organic greens have more antioxidants and we all know the purpose of antioxidant in human body- it eliminates oxidative stress. Vitamins E, C, and D are required by male body for better sperm quality and count. Zinc is critical for hormone production.

Consume less tobacco, alcohol and drug

Skip your everyday happy hours for your own good health. Regular consumption of alcohol and tobacco may lead to poor testosterone levels and sperm quality. Even drugs like marijuana can lower the sperm count and motility.

Healthy weight and regular exercise

When right exercise is done on regular basis, our body starts responding to it in good manner. Regular exercise keeps your hormone levels in balance and you achieve healthy weight according to your height. Many study claims that overweight and obese men face issues of low sperm count and motility more than others due to high oxidative stress.

Stay Cool

Heat surely affects the sperm quality. If you live in hot environment, and you don’t follow healthy lifestyle, you may face infertility issue easily. For more sperm count, men need to avoid spending their time in hot tubs, steam bath, and sauna.

Switching to cotton boxers from brief and tight underwear is a good idea for you.

Lower your stress

Chronic stress is an illness that increase cortisol level in the body. High cortisol levels can affect the testosterone levels in male body. If you are suffering from severe stress disorder, it can be treated with medication. For milder forms of anxiety, you can try relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc.

How cotton boxers manufacturers can help in treating male fertility?

You don’t need to go to cotton boxer manufacturing unit to seek fertility treatment, they are not the fertility doctors after all. What we want to say is you can change your underwear choices and pick cotton boxers over briefs and tight underwear.

There are studies that found men who wear boxers have good health. Boxers can positively affect the quality of male sperm. The reason behind this fact is that boxers are loose and comfortable. Tight briefs can increase the temperature of the testicles and this result in poor sperm quality.

Is there any other reason to wear boxers and not tight brief?

Yes, there are many reasons to tell, such as-

  • You can wear boxers to hide your flaws – Men with low self-confidence might choose boxer as they can hide their imperfections. Let’s face this, you have a beer belly and you want to hide it, do it with boxer.
  • You can wear boxers to show your personality – Boxers are superb product as they can highlight a specific vibe you want to create. There are men who use boxers to reveal their creative streaks. Others pick humorous boxers that are usually play on their favorite TV shows. Mature and classy men choose professional patterns.
  • Women get attracted to men who wear boxers –Women prefer boxers over tight briefs. There is still a mystery behind the story but briefs can seem too obvious and casual.

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